User Registration Agreement


Dear customers, thank you for registering as a user of Zing+ Music website (, hereinafter referred to as "the platform"). Before you register, please read the following terms of service carefully: This platform is managed by Zing+ Music Technologies Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) and provide services to users in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Both parties of the agreement are users of the platform and the company, and are applicable to all activities for users to register and use the services of the platform.

Before registering with this platform, please be sure to read and fully understand the entire contents of this agreement. Click the "Register" button below the agreement, and register according to the platform registration process. When the above registration process is completed, it is deemed that the user has fully understood, agreed to, accepted the entire contents of this agreement, and signed this agreement. This agreement represent the contractual legal effect between the user and the company, all activities of the user using the platform service will be bound by this agreement and shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and obligations.

1. Composition of the Agreement

1.1 The contents of this agreement include all the following terms of this agreement and the rules that have been publicly announced by the platform and may be published in the future. These rules are an integral part of this agreement, and have the same legal effect as the terms listed in this agreement.

1.2 The platform has the right to modify all or part of this agreement as needed. If there are any changes to the following terms or rules of the platform, the platform will make an announcement on the platform and will not notify the user individually. Once the revised relevant terms and rules are announced, they will automatically take effect on the specific effective date specified in the announcement. Please pay attention to this platform's announcement regarding relevant terms and rules. If you do not agree with the change, please send an e-mail to the service e-mail address posted on this platform within 36 hours from the date the change bulletin is published or by calling customer service phone number and indicating that you wish to terminate this agreement (“Registration Termination Application”). The platform will confirm the receipt of the e-mail and the phone and will negotiate with the user after the termination of this agreement. If the user does not send an application for termination of registration within the time limit mentioned in this article, then the time limit specified in this article expires, the user is deemed to have agreed to accept such changes, and shall comply with the revised agreement to fulfill your due obligations and the revised relevant provisions. After the rules and regulations are announced, they will automatically become effective on the specific effective date specified in the announcement and be legally binding on users.

1.3 This agreement does not involve legal relationships and legal disputes between users and other users of the platform arising from online transactions. However, the user hereby irrevocably agrees that it will fully accept and perform any electronic legal texts signed on this platform with other users of the platform, and promises to enjoy and/or waive the corresponding rights, commitments and (or) according to the legal text and (or) exemption of corresponding obligations.

2. User Registration Information

2.1 Users must be over 18 years of age and have full civil rights and civil capacity;

2.2 During the registration and use of the platform services, users should provide their own real information according to the requirements of this platform, and ensure that all materials and information submitted by them during the period from the time of registration to the use of the platform (including but not Limited to real name, e-mail address, contact phone number, identity information, etc.) are true, accurate, complete, valid, and legal. Copy of the information must be the same as the original. If there is a change, it should be updated. If the user does not update the information, the platform is unable to provide its services. The resulting legal liabilities and consequences are at the user's own expense. If you use other people's information and details to register and use the platform services or provide information and materials that does not meet the above requirements, all responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the user. The company and the platform shall not bear any legal responsibility. , If it causes damage to the company or the platform, the user shall bear the liability for compensation.

2.3 During the registration and use of the platform service, the user agrees and allows the platform to use its user's avatar, name (artist name), net name, registration information, the portrait of the user uploaded by himself/herself and other information for the operation, advertising, promotion and management needs of the platform.

3. Platform Service Content

3.1 This platform provides users with intelligent composing, lyrics, music synthesis and other services.

4. User Usage Regulations

4.1 Users may not use this platform or this platform service to engage in any activities that do not comply with local laws and regulations in Hong Kong or infringe the legal rights of others. You are not allowed to publish, reproduce or transmit information containing any one of the following contents. When the platform discovers that a user is engaged in such activities or publishes such information, the platform has the right to directly delete the relevant information the user makes on the platform based on independent judgment of the platform. The company retain the rights to immediately stop the user's use of all or part of the functions on this platform (including but not limited to suspension, termination, restriction of user's use of the platform services) without notice and without any liability. If damage is caused to the company or the platform, it shall be compensated for its losses.
4.1.1 Violation of the basic principles established by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China;
4.1.2 Endanger national security, leak state secrets, subvert state power and undermine national unity;
4.1.3 Damage to national honors and interests;
4.1.4 Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity;
4.1.5 Destruction of the national religious policy and the promotion of cults and feudal superstitions;
4.1.6 Spread rumors, disrupt social order and undermine social stability;
4.1.7 Dissemination of pornography, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or abetment of crime;
4.1.8 Insult or slander others and infringe on the legal rights and interests of others;
4.1.9 Inciting illegal assemblies, associations, processions, demonstrations, gatherings to disrupt social order;
4.1.10 Upload content that infringes the intellectual property rights of others;
4.1.11 Contain other content prohibited by laws and regulations.

4.2 When using this platform, the user shall not violate the following regulations. If any of the above is violated, the platform has the right to directly delete the user's relevant information on this platform based on independent judgment, and has the right to require the user to correct or directly take the necessary measures to prohibit (Including, but not limited to, suspending, terminating, restricting users' use of the platform's services without notifying the user and without assuming any responsibility). If loss is caused to the company and the platform, the user shall compensate the company and the platform for losses.
4.2.1 Do not use network service systems for any illegal purpose;
4.2.2 Compliance with all network protocols, regulations and procedures related to web services;
4.2.3 Do not use this platform to perform any activity that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet;
4.2.4 Do not use this platform to conduct any acts or statements that are not conducive to the platform or infringe on the interests of the company.

4.3 Account Security and Management
4.3.1 The e-mail address, user name, password, and security question submitted to the platform by the user at the time of registration are the unique identification information of the user on this platform. After the user is registered successfully, he/she should keep his/her username and password properly and be responsible for the security of his/her own user name and password. He/she must not transfer, give away or authorize the registered e-mail address, user name, password, and security question to a third party. After the user confirms to use the user name and password to log in to the platform, all actions on the platform and the e-mail sent by the user when the user registers on the platform are the user's own actions and bear the corresponding legal consequences. The company and the platform do not assume any responsibility.
4.3.2 Assistance Obligations:If a user finds that a third person fraudulently uses or embezzles the user's account and password, or any other situation without legal authorization, he/she shall immediately notify the platform in an effective manner and request the platform to suspend the related services, otherwise the user shall bear all the resulting liabilities. At the same time, the user understands and agrees that the platform must take a reasonable period of time to act on his/her request. Prior to this, the platform do not assume any responsibility for the loss caused by the use of the service by a third party.

4.3.3 The platform has the right to make independent judgments in the event that it believes that it may endanger the transaction security, etc., without prior notice to suspend, interrupt or terminate the provision of all or part of the services (including fee-based services) under this agreement to the users, and the registration data removed or deleted without any liability. The foregoing situations include, but are not limited to:

4.3.4 The user agrees that, if necessary, the platform has the right to terminate the provision of user account services without prior notice, and may immediately suspend, close or delete the user account and all related data and files in the user account.

4.3.5 Account Termination:When the user decides not to use the account, he/she should first clear all the payables (if necessary), and then withdraw all available funds (if any) from the account or issue other legal payment instructions to the platform, and apply to the platform for cancellation. The account can be officially cancelled after being approved by this platform. If the user dies or is declared dead, his/her rights and obligations under this Agreement shall be borne by his/her successor. If the user loses all or part of civil rights or civil capacity, the platform or its authorized subject has the right to dispose of the user's account in accordance with valid legal documents (including but not limited to the effective court judgment, etc.) or their legal guardian's instructions. . Forced logout of user accounts is performed by this rule.

4.3.6 The user agrees that the suspension, interruption or termination of the account does not represent the termination of the user's responsibility. The user shall still be liable for any possible breach of contract or damages during the use of the services of the platform, and the platform may still retain relevant information of the user.

4.4 Intellectual Property
4.4.1 All contents of this platform, including but not limited to texts, data, images, audio, video, source code and all other intellectual property rights, is enjoyed by its original authors; intellectual properties generated by this platform are intellectual properties belonging to Zing+ Music Technologies Limited. Without the prior written consent of this platform, users may not copy, imitate, adapt, transmit, publish, display, or in any other way infringe the intellectual property rights of the platform. Without the written consent of the company, users may not publish any content contained in this platform to any other platform or server. Any unauthorized use of the contents of this platform is an illegal act. The company has the right to investigate legal liability. Registered users are not allowed to download (except page caching) or modify the platform or any part thereof without the express written consent of the platform.

5. User Privacy Protection and Authorization

5.1 Users agree that this platform collects and stores user information during business operations, including but not limited to user-supplied information, as well as the user's transaction records and usage information collected on the platform and obtained by the user. The main purpose of this platform to collect and store user information is to improve the efficiency and quality of services.

5.2 Except as otherwise stipulated in this agreement, this platform does not provide external users or third parties with registration information of individual users and non-public content stored on this platform when users use network services, except for the following cases:
5.2.1 Obtain prior authorization from the user;
5.2.2 According to relevant laws and regulations;
5.2.3 According to the requirements of the relevant government authorities;
5.2.4 To protect the interests of the public.

5.3 The platform may cooperate with third parties to provide users with relevant network services. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility as the platform to protect user privacy, this platform has the right to provide user's registration information, etc. to this third party.

5.4 The platform automatically tracks certain information about the user according to the user's behavior on the platform. Without revealing the registered user’s private data, this platform has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database.

5.5 The user agrees that the company and the platform may use data collection devices on certain web pages of the platform.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1 Due to the special nature of the Internet, the company cannot guarantee that the services of the platform will not be interrupted. The equipment and systems, including but not limited to the company, the platform, and related third parties, are susceptible to computer malfunctions, virus attacks, or hackers. The company does not assume any responsibility for the interruption of service due to force majeure such as an earthquake or tsunami or the resulting loss to the user. The loss is borne by the user.

6.2 The company is not obligated to monitor the content of this platform. Users' information disclosed on this platform, the choice of using the services provided by the platform, and the choice to participate in transactions should be judged by themselves for authenticity and risk taking. The legal liability and consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the user and the company shall not bear any responsibility.

6.3 The services provided by the third parties that cooperate with the company to users are the responsibility of the third party organization, and the company does not assume any responsibility for these services.

6.4 The content of this platform may involve all third-party information or third-party platforms. The authenticity, reliability, and validity of such information or third-party platforms are the responsibility of the relevant third parties, and the users themselves judge the information or third-party platforms. And assume the risk, has nothing to do with this platform and the company。

7. Risk Highlight

7.1 The user understands and accepts that any transaction made through this platform does not prevent the following risks from arising. The platform cannot and does not have the obligation to be responsible for the following risks:
7.1.1 Economic Risk:Changes in the macroeconomic situation may cause abnormal fluctuations in prices, etc., and users may suffer losses;
7.1.2 Policy Risk:Changes in laws, regulations, and related policies and rules may cause abnormal fluctuations in prices, etc., and users may suffer losses;
7.1.3 Default Risk:Users may suffer losses due to the inability or unwillingness of other parties to perform on time and in full;
7.1.4 Interest Rate Risk:Changes in market interest rates may have an impact on the actual benefits of buying or holding products;
7.1.5 Risks caused by Force Majeure;
7.1.6 Risks caused by the user's fault, the fault includes but is not limited to: improper operation, forgetting or revealing password, password being cracked by others, computer system used by the user being invaded by a third party, malicious or improper operation of the user when the user commissions someone to represent the transaction.

7.2 The platform cannot guarantee the authenticity, adequacy, reliability, accuracy, completeness and validity of the uploaded content of each user of the platform, and does not need to bear any legal liability arising therefrom. The user relies on the independent judgment of oneself to conduct the transaction, and the user should take full responsibility for the judgment made by oneself.

8. Others

8.1 The conclusion, execution, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and resolved by arbitration by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center. The terms of this agreement are separable. Partial invalidity does not affect the validity of other parts. This platform has the final power of interpretation of this agreement.